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Awwww Yeah


I've been thinking about dreams a bit lately. There are a few themes that occur in my dreams periodically. 
- huuuuuge ocean wave - just one
- teeth falling out (UGH this is the worst)
- being in a very high place for no reason (usually some kind of playground equipment/metal structure)
- horses (not as often though, and usually quite different from one to the next... the ones listed above feel similar from dream to dream)
- public toilets... but like actually public - no walls, toilets right next to each other, toilets in a public room, etc.

What themes reoccur in your dreams? If not applicable, what is a particularly memorable dream you've had?


Also! I did this "20 Things" thing a long time ago and I'd like to re-do it c: Some things I have changed, and some I haven't! 

20 things I love/like – (not including people/pets)

1. The smell of wet concrete (We hose down the pottery studio every Thursday at uni and it smells AMAZING)
3. The smell of fresh cut grass
4. Seeing a tree/shrub/forb and knowing exactly what it is (I'm becoming a plant nerd!)
5. Cheek and neck kisses
6. Waking up on my own in the morning (not from an alarm/other disturbance)
7. The smell of books
8. Thunder and lightning
9. Walking in freshly fallen snow
10. Sleepy morning cuddles with J
11. Drawing with a medium I can blend w/ my fingers (charcoal, pastel, etc.)
12. The soreness you get the day after a hard workout
13. Running barefoot through green grass
14. Stargazing and cloudgazing
15. The feeling of wet sand along the beach
16. Glaciers!
17. Throwing pots on the wheel
18. Mixing paint with a palette knife
19. Hanging out with people who make me laugh
20. Cuddling while watching a movie

20 things I hate/don't like – (not including people/pets)

1. The wind howling at night
2. The feeling of a fingernail bending backwards
3. The tingly feeling when you get hit in the nose
4. Handling money (it always feels dirty)
5. Getting cavities filled
6. Not being able to focus
7. Being too hot and sweaty (75 degrees F is plenty)
8. Feeling like drawing but not knowing what to draw
9. Being uncoordinated
10. Being poked by a needle
11. The feeling of having a lot of homework
12. Hanging out in a dirty house/apartment
14. Long-distance running
15. Ridiculously cold, windy days (gives me headaches)
16. Horror movies
17. Being carsick
18. Being homesick
19. When people have bad grammar/spelling
20. Feeling lonely


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I'm just a student artist hoping to find a way to make it in the world! :la:


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WHOA! I absolutely adore your new username! It's so pretty and I think it suits you really well~ :hug:
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eeee thank you!! It just popped into my head last night, I checked and saw that it was available, so I bought a 3 month subscription so I could change it! And have a subscription for a little bit, hehe. I haven't had one for so long!
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You'd better use the premium to your advantage - hoping to see lots and lots of polls from you! ;D
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Dude no worries!! I still won't be able to send your trade pic for three weeks or so!! I'm only halfway done with my summer classes in the mountains-- I just came home for the weekend, so I had internet briefly!
And you are so welcome!! I LOVE your buttons!! So I leaped on the opportunity when I saw you put them on etsy heheh. I'm going back up to the mountains today so I actually won't be able to tell you when they arrive... but I'm sure there won't be any problem! Thanks for sending them to me! :hug:
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Aww thank you so much! :D you can send them the normal way. Is there a reason to prefer using a widget though? I don't know much about point transfers haha
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